About my blog

What is this blog about?? Food porn! It’s true that you eat with your eyes first Β and I’m a freak about plating so I want to tantalize your taste buds through visual images of my kitchen kreations. Once I’ve got your mouth watering, grab the recipe and get cooking! The recipes for each dish are in a format that’s easy to follow even if you’re a beginner. Not all but most have my beloved garlic in them. I’m also a garlic purist…no junk in the jar. I chop my own which leaves that glorious smell on my hands…hence the name ‘GarlicHands’. BTW the pictures are the finished product so there’s no camera trickery, no photo shopping or par cooking for the sake of the pic which means what you see is what you’ll get if you follow the recipe. Enjoy!

48 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my reblog of Smore’s cookies. I hope you are able to make them sometime. Please let me know how they turn out!

  2. Love your blog! I am still going through the posts, and am looking forward to more recipes and pictures : )

  3. I came here to thank you for the ‘like’ and stayed staring at the pictures, salivating over the recipes. Now I’m starving – thanks for the inspiration!!

    • OMG…thank you so much for saying that! Love to know the food pics drew you in πŸ™‚ That’s what started the whole thing and Im a frim beleiver that you eat with your eyes first. I’ll be sure to check out your blog also.

  4. Hi Aly,
    I nominated you for this blogger-to-blogger Liebster Award. It’s a way to tell you I think your blog is cool (LOVE your dishes) and I think others should check it out too. You may have heard and/or received said award in the past, which would be well deserved. Plus it’s got a cool β€˜patch’ you can add to your site. So here’s your gold star for you!
    Keep on blogging! You’re great!

  5. Wonderful food photos – I am hungry already! Thanks for liking my post “Mommy’s Time Off: Vietnamese Noodles.” Looking forward to coming back and reading more on yours. Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy

  6. Love the name of your blog. It caught me right away. I love when my hands smell of garlic (every good home should smell of the stuff!), but onion hands are a completely different store πŸ˜‰ Thanks for checking out my page.

    • Thanks so much! You’re the first person to tell me they got the reference….love it! I’m sure someone out there likes onion hands but I’ll pass on that too :). Thanks for checking out my blog!

  7. Found your blog through Susan at dinnerbysusan and I am glad I did! Can’t wait to explore!

    • Thank you so much!! I’ll be sure to check yours out. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been in Mexico on vacation and it’s been hard to find laptop time. πŸ˜‰

    • Gracias Erik!! Me dio tanto gusto saber que to dio hambre! Cuando quieras venir a Chicago cocinamos junto. Tengo ganas de conocer tu estilo de cocinar y compartir ideas.

  8. Good to find garlic lover like me !! Even I don’t believe ready made stuff and die to use garlic in as many creations I can !! you have unique ideas of presentations, very nice blog….thanks for sharing your views. TC

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