Serves 6:

Ahhhhh-vocados! Truly one of my favorite fruits. They’re prepared dozens of ways from breaded and fried to blended into shakes. One of my favorite ways to eat them is in guacamole. Now, there are as many ways to make guacamole as there are varieties of the fruit. Haas is my favorite variety and my favorite recipe is of course, my family’s. Simple and easy, this one blends creamy avocado with spicy jalapeno, sweet red onion and a twist of lime. Of course we didn’t forget the cilantro; what Mexican dish would be complete without it. I hope you enjoy this version!


  • 3 ripe avocados
  • 1 jalapeno
  • ½ small red onion
  • 2 tbsp cilantro
  • 1 lime
  • Salt

Prep It:

  • Cut the avocados in half. Remove the pit and scoop the avocado into a large bowl.
  • Chop the cilantro finely.
  • Next, chop the onion. A small dice works best.
  • Slice the jalapeno in half and using a spoon, remove the seeds and ribs. If you prefer the guacamole spicy, remove the seeds and ribs from only half of the jalapeno. Slice the jalapeno into thin strips and then dice as fine as possible.
  • Add the cilantro, onion and cilantro to the avocado. Squeeze the juice of one lime over the avocado and season with salt. Using a fork, combine the ingredients while lightly mashing the avocado. Taste and adjust the seasonings a necessary

Serve It:

  • Serve with tortilla chips. I love blue corn tortilla chips which have a nutty flavor and add a punch of color.
  • Use in place of mayo on sandwiches for a rich swap out!
  • Place the pits back into the bowl as decoration and to help deter browning. Not sure if that really works but that’s what Mom says.

Varietions…not my Moms

  • Add a bit of crumbled queso fresco on top for a creamy, salty bite.
  • For an earthy twist try adding a pinch of cumin to the guacamole.
  • Mince one clove of garlic and mix it with the lime juice and let is marinate before adding to the avocado. Which of my savory recipes would be complete without a bit of garlic?

One thought on “Guacamole

  1. Why does it seem I’m the only one commenting on any of your posts?? LOL.. I love Guacamole.. This is super easy and I’m sure it tastes even better than the way you are describing it. When I make guacamole.. I usually get the powdered stuff at the store and just add the avocados.

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